One Heartbeat Away

“So far [One Heartbeat Away] has strengthened my faith and reinforced the fact that there is a heaven and hell. I don’t see how anyone can read this book and not see that there is a creator GOD, who sent his son to die for the sins of the world. It is the best apologetics I have seen or read. I am hoping in the future to get a box of the new book and the old book to give out to people. Keep up the great work Mark!”
N Williams
Oklahoma City, OK

“Your books have helped me witness to over 50 people and give out over hundreds of tracks.”
J Schneider
Sarasota, FL

“Since reading Mark’s book, I have in the first 2 weeks not only changed my life; but also those people around me. I have stepped out and talked to more than 20 people and had 7 of them come to church with me. Thanks Mark for your inspiration and encouragement.”

“My 78-yr-old mother professes to be a Christian, but I felt that she still didn’t understand salvation. She was looking for something to read, and I recommended your book, One Heartbeat Away. She finished it in two days, loved it, and now understands the purpose of Jesus’ life and death. Thank you for writing your book in such an easy-to-understand tone!”
C Northcutt
English Teacher

“I just finished reading your book and will be placing an order for 5 books to share with co-workers. I led one co-worker to Christ a week ago. Your book is thorough, relatable, practical in answering many common questions and obstacles for persons inquiring about Christianity and the Bible. I am excited about the new work of grace in my heart as I have understood with fresh conviction of the reality of hell and the need for everyone to be warned and genuinely invited and persuaded to embrace the Gospel. My visit with you and your new book were timely and sigificant in giving me the boost I needed to be faithful to Christ and my destiny. Thank you for your obedience and passion.”
D Groff

One Heartbeat Away is an AMAZING book and I really recommend reading it! It is a powerful tool/resource to use in leading your friends to Christ!”
S Bruce, 15

“I was lost and on the highway to hell until I read Mark’s book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, Jesus spoke to me through him. I was breaking every commandment in the Book, and gave my life to Jesus and was baptized last Sunday. I bought One Heartbeat Away where I again gathered some great talking points, and recently gave my testimony to a close friend, telling him we are both ’one heartbeat away’ from judgment day. Rick told me after the conversation that he was a backslider, and Sunday morning he is going forward to rededicate his life to Christ and wants to be in Heaven. Unreal. The title of the book says it all.”
M Morgan

“I cannot recall how many people I have witnessed to, but I can tell you that in EVERY situation, I use the Word of God and the material covered in Mark Cahill’s book! One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven and One Heartbeat Away are two must have books for all Christians who have the burning passion and zeal for evangelism.”
R Klave, 37

“Having been raised in the Mormon cult, I’ve been searching for an effective witnessing tool to reach my family. Mark Cahill’s One Heartbeat Away is just such a tool! My Mormon parents were the first to receive a copy.”
A Mehlisch, 43
Letter Carrier

“In November of 2004, I heard Mark Cahill speak. I quickly read One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven twice. I have witnessed for the Lord since Jesus tackled me over forty years ago. Since Cahill, my witness has exponentially increased and I enjoy it much more and with less intimidation. As Mark said, I am seeing the many hearts out here that God is working on. His new book One Heartbeat Away is more faith and courage nutrition and is evidence that the Holy Spirit is using Mark Cahill in advancing the mission of Jesus Christ.”
V Costa, 68

“Just want you to know that I loved the way you wrote this one. Written specifically for the lost and searching, but with a style that equips the believer in solid Christian apologetics, this book is a real one two punch. Also, the title is BRILLIANT! It grabs one’s attention immediately because eternity is ever on the minds of those God is drawing.”
S Kalman

“While I was reading your book the subject about how can we prove that the bible is truely the word of God came up in Sunday School class and the Lord reminded me that I had you book with me in my backpack and about all of the information that you had written in the first few chapters about this very subject and God directed me to give the book to the individual who had the questions even though I had not yet finished reading it and now I have to buy another copy when I have the funds available so that I can finish reading.”
J Clark, 30

“A group of us from work (two men and two women) flew to Providence RI to attend the memorial service (in Boston) for the only son of our former boss. All of us were thinking about eternity that day. Our trip included an hour long drive to and from the airport, and I used the occasion to give each member of the group a copy of your book and talk through the issues of death, faith, and the after life. One of the women is Catholic but not saved—she had lots of questions about just what the Bible teaches. Your book was a wonderful evangelistic tool, both to support our discussions and as a resource for them after the trip. My Catholic friend was leaving for vacation in the Bahamas the next day, and promised to read through your book before she returned. Thanks for all that you do!”
D Pyle

“Great book! It uses apologetics as a means for evangelism instead of just ’winning an argument.’ I used some of the facts from the book in a conversation with some atheists online. It really gave them something to think about. I’ve read several books on apologetics but, until now, have not had any that really contained all of the points that I thought were exceptional AND were in a really readable format that also has a strong gospel message. I own two Christian bookstores and will be recommending your new book to everyone who knows someone who is a skeptic.”
B Venable

“[One Heartbeat Away] explained to me all of my questions about afterlife and eternity itself. Yes, that book has become my ‘journey into eternity.’ I find it fascinating to go over its pages.”

“I am a Christian and I read the book and use the information to witness others. I talked with someone for about 2 1/2 hours using your examples in the book for proving the bible is true and that there is a God. After talking with him for that long he got saved and it was an answer to prayer. I will continue to evangelize and use your examples and tips because they are so helpful. God Bless!”
M Jimenez, 14

“Thank you for your book One Heartbeat Away. I was truly impacted by the results of the pulmonary surgeon’s interviews with people who had died on the operating table and had been revived again. It is very troubling to me that about half of those who had a near death experience saw hell. Even more so is the fact that those who saw hell did not talk about it again a couple weeks after their dreadful experience.
“The thought of so many people seeing hell will continue to be a vivid reminder to me to witness whenever I am able.”
Pastor B Aldrich
Witness Mentor
CrossPollination Ministries

“I saw you speak at the worldview seminar in Spring Hill, Florida. It had an impact on me. I was compelled to get your books and start reading; something I really don’t like to do. After reading the first chapter in One Heartbeat Away I had to stop and get to sharing. All the questions you asked made me think about how important it is to share our faith and how simple it is to do it by just asking people real questions about them that make them think about eternity. Thank you for a wonderful book and thank you for being a strong example.”
B Curtis

“I love the way you put things, simple. This allowed me to give the book to friends both saved and those who are searching. I am sometimes so passionate about Christ that I intimidate people, but giving away this book helped me play the supportive role instead of the lead; something God has been working on with me since my conversion. Your book walks them right down the path, handling all the excuses, tangents, and questions. Thanks for planting the seed of the Word of God deep into friends of mine with your book.
“Now that my friends and I are closing in on 40 and have children who mean so much to us, we need to be able to answer the most important question there is: “What happens after this?” If for no other reason than to lead our children the right way, His way.
“Thanks for keeping it simple and ’on point.’ We all are ’One Heartbeat Away’!”
S Gallagher

“I read through the book in two days. Those days just happened to be before our big evangelistic outreach for our youth ministry that we do several times a semester. I was so impressed with the logical progression of truth that I used the same approach and info in my message. There were 10 students that made first time professions of faith! This is an incredible resource for anyone wanting a solid foundation from which to personally share their faith, and it is a great giveaway for the lost.”
C Walker
Youth Ministry
Lubbock, TX

One Heartbeat Away is my favorite thing to leave a lost person with following a conversation. It not only presents all the information they need to make a calculated decision concerning Jesus Christ and their eternal destination, but I find it usually extends on points I made during the conversation -- great edification for non-believers. I gave away three copies to an atheist and two skeptics after a great talk in a McDonald’s parking lot. All three seemed interested in reading it, particularly the atheist. Glory to God!”
J Hayes
Vice President & Information Director
Project 100 Ministries

One Heartbeat Away is done very well and does a fantastic job of explaining who we are and what we’re here on earth for. You won’t hear a better explanation of the Gospel than this (other than the Bible of course!). Basically, it’s one giant tract! If only all 6 billion people in the world could read this book! I thank God for you Mark.”
B McCurdy, 35
Real Estate Agent
Cottonwood, CA

“Immediately after reading One Heartbeat Away, a powerful sense of urgency to witness has been placed in my spirit. I have a renewed compassion for people’s souls to be saved, and am now willing to carry this burden for their salvation.”
Homer, AK

“This resource can reach a broader range of people than almost any I’ve come across: young, old, kind, or cruel. Solid truth presented in a challenging, readable form.
“We truly believe this book helps patients leave our office with their spiritual eyes open. We’ll soon be ready for 1,500 more.”
S Kirkham, MD

“Since reading your book, I have had a burning inside that won’t let me be still. I feel an urgency to share the gospel. It has given me even more of an eternal perspective than I had before. I’ve given several of the books away. I am constantly in prayer and looking for opportunities to share with someone.”
K McDonald, 35
Stay-at-Home Mom

“I wish I could hand this book out as a tract by the hundred. The information in the first three chapters is an excellent tool for the Christian to use while witnessing. Thank you.”
S Lester, 29
Broiler Service Technician

One Heartbeat Away is a great book that gave me more confidence when dealing with my more ’skeptic’ friends. We all have friends that regardless of the change in our lives and the and the strength of our own testimony just can’t grasp the concept of a loving, all powerful God. Just after reading the book I had lunch with a old friend who I’ve been praying for for 10 years. With a new-found zeal and confidence we again talked about Christ. Using examples from One Heartbeat Away, we had a great conversation and he even agreed to read the book—with an open mind! You have to know my friend to realize the magnitude of this commitment. Thanks Mark, for taking the time to research and write such a powerful tool to help win the world for Christ.”
J Creed, 56
Business owner

“I read your first book last summer and shared it with some of my close friends. It radically changed us forever. So when the new book came out, we jumped on it. It is at least as awesome as the first. Great work Mark, thanks for your time, effort, and boldness and sharing with the lost, and equipping the saints.”
Michael M., 17
Early Branch, SC

“Thanks so much for the book. I believed in God but could not really tell anyone why I believed. Your book answered a lot of questions that I had, now I can’t wait to share my faith with everyone. In fact I just ordered more of your books to share with family and friends.”
L Christman, 30

“My fiancÚ recently bought a copy of this book. He has always struggled with his faith, and being raised going to a private school and very active in youth group, mission trips, etc. I never questioned like he did; that was the way it was. At first it was a real problem in our relationship. Then we tried reading the bible together; but with school that always seemed to get pushed aside, unfortunately. Then I began to feel bad because I know that a believer should always be able to testify to others, but I couldn’t answer his questions. Then I began to question for the first time in my life.
“Now that he’s read the book, which he loves, we’ve been talking about how before we get married we really need to make God a focal point in our relationship. We both know He has given us the other and made our relationship work through some really difficult times. (He’s at West Point and will be deployed in the near future.) Now I want to read this book and give it to my family; I want to see what my fiancÚ is excited about. I think it’ll give us a great starting place in making God the focal point of our relationship.”
M Bartholomew

“I just finished reading your new book One Heartbeat Away—keep the presses running! This book is a must to have ready to give a person who is searching for the most important answer...where will you be after you leave this planet. I was talking to a client the other day and during the conversation I asked him how things where going. He said "Going? I died over the weekend!" I said "What do you mean?" He said he had a heart attack and flat-lined, he knew he had died, but they bought him back. I asked him "Do you think God may have been giving you another chance?" "Yes!" he replied. I told my client that I was just finishing a book called One Heartbeat Away and considering what happened to him over the last weekend I want to mail him a copy of the book. He said "Ok!"”
R Brothers

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