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I cannot overemphasize the value of using tracts when you share your faith. I devote an entire chapter to it in my book, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. Get great tracts at these websites:
Chick Publications has been around for a long time and their cartoon tracts are familiar to many people.

Transfired Ministries offers several original tracts that are proven to be effective in witnessing.

Places to Evangelize
We must practice sharing our faith in order to become good at it. So we must look for people to share with. Anywhere people congregate is a great place to reach the lost. The following are examples of places where you can talk with others and hand out tracts:
Shopping malls
Tailgating at football games
Your high school or college campus
The bar section of any town
Any public sidewalk or public park
State or county fairs
Any type of art or music festival
Professional sporting events
Updated June 18, 2007