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Prayer Support
After I spoke at a conference, a creation scientist came up and told me, “I have listened to you speak twice and really feel led to pray for you every day. You are on the frontlines, doing exactly what Satan doesn’t want us to be doing. You are either witnessing or equipping others to witness, so I need to pray for you.” I told him that I would very gratefully accept those prayers.
Prayer is necessary for the furtherance of this ministry. I want everything I do for the Lord to be His will and not my will. If you feel led by the Lord to pray for me one day a week, please send me a note to let me know that you're praying for this ministry. Thank you so much for partnering with me in this way.

Financial Support
God has blessed this ministry with people who feel led to donate to continue the work of God. All financial support goes exclusively to the work of God and has literally kept me going to reach the lost. Your donations are gratefully appreciated and are used for, among other things, the expenses of the ministry and the development of new teaching tools.

Tax-Deductible Donations
Important! Please read...
Tax-deductable donations CANNOT be given for products you have ordered!
If you want a tax-deductible receipt for your donation, you must send donations, made out to “World Outreach Foundation”, to:
World Outreach Foundation
PO Box 450049
Atlanta, GA 31145

Important! Please read... Do NOT write "Mark Cahill" on the check anywhere. Instead, include a note, card, or post-it note designating your gift is for Mark Cahill. Again, do NOT write "Mark Cahill" as the "Pay to" or on the memo or anywhere else on the check.
All Tax-Deductible donations must be sent to the above address in the form of checks or money orders only. Sorry, we cannot accept Tax-Deductible donations by credit card.

Non-Tax-Deductible Donations
If you are not concerned about a tax-deductible receipt, select one of the following options.
You can mail donations in the form of checks or money orders to:
Mark Cahill Ministries
PO Box 81
Stone Mtn, GA  30086

Credit Card

You may also donate using VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards. (Sorry, no other cards are accepted at this time.) Please use the form below to submit your donation online.

Sorry, but we are not able to take credit card information over the phone.

All information requested below is required and must be entered. Your credit card number and card expiration date will be requested after you click the “Click here to enter Credit Card Information” button. We take this precaution to safely process your credit card information.

Please enter your name exactly as it appears on your credit card, and enter the address where you receive your credit card statement.

You will recieve a confirmation of your donation via e-mail.

Remember, donations made with a credit card ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
Again, thank you for your support!

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NOTICE! This is not a product order form. This form is for donations only.

We do not sell product and do not have a “payment” form or screen.
Please use the above form to submit a donation to Mark Cahill Ministries.

If you would like to receive product and make a donation, you must complete
this form and the product request form. Thank you!

Updated September 5, 2012